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Risk Evolution


MorphWorks oversees areas related to consolidation, migration, and optimization. MorphWorks guides clients' applications migrating to the cloud, consolidation of systems or infrastructure, optimizing technology in an environment. All of these factors play a critical role in an organization’s need to support their clients through constant evolution 


Organizations are often working towards a defined mission, and they rely on their Enterprise IT to support their pursuits. The Enterprise itself has expanded over the years to support the growth of various missions, and the client has often invested in technology and human resources in order to support these actions. The challenge of technology evolution is that organizations must identify the best way to optimize their tools.

Determining what to focus on is, at times, very difficult for organizations. The process of understanding the timeline and cost of the decisions can stall big actions, or worse, continue to support bloated infrastructures.

Technology Evolution

MorphWorks focuses on organizations that have invested in people, processes and technology, but without full optimization or implemented security in tandem with their growth. MorphWorks helps their clients evolve from “Prepare, Respond, Recover” to full integration of technology and process optimization, including behavior change to secure the enterprise. 


As organizations continue to invest in cybersecurity tools and resources, it is important for them not to lose sight of Risk. Creating a culture that understands the importance of Risk Management allows for evolution from an enterprise focused on the endpoint perimeter approach. The emotions involved in this transition include building trust and an understanding that it is everyone’s responsibility to support the overall actions of the business. 


MorphWorks has focused on looking at the process, workflow and people that are involved in the day-to-day business procedures and improving a Risk Management Culture through the use of consulting and technology.

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