Siena Ferrick

Siena Ferrick has been with MorphWorks since 2018, serving as their Marketing & Media Intern. Ferrick focuses on streamlining communications, as well as increasing MorphWorks' brand presence online and in practice. She acts as a Social Media advisor, as well as working to create deliverables that are not only informative, but interesting and interactive. She also works within MorphWorks to produce internal communication materials that allow MorphWorks to serve their clients with top-level functioning.


Ferrick is also currently a Marketing major at The University of Delaware, where she plays for their Division One Women's Golf Team, and serves as the President of their Student Athlete Advisory Committee. Additionally, Ferrick represents both student athletes and the university as a whole on various boards, including the Student Government Association, the Student Life Advisory Board, 2 Reopening Steering Committees, the Colonial Athletic Association Committee and the NCAA Committee. 

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