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Organizations are working toward a mission and rely on their Enterprise IT to support their pursuit of their mission.  The Enterprise has expanded over the years to support the growth of that mission, and the investment in technology and people has supported that growth.  The challenge is that as technology has evolved, organizations are trying to figure out how to take full advantage. Determining what to focus on is, at times, very difficult for organizations. Understanding the timeline and cost of those decisions can stall big decisions, or worse, continue supporting bloated infrastructures.


MorphWorks brings a number of methodologies to support the evolution of our clients’ IT Enterprise. 

We support our clients with:


Cloud Migration

Supporting a decision to fully understand what to move, how to move, where to move, and the costs associated with a migration to IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS.



Analyzing an Enterprise to determine whether technology bloat, expansions, acquisitions, and general unplanned growth have created a need to consolidate, but it is critical to understand and evolve with facts.


Expanding organizations bring on customers and users quickly and can create a bloated environment as years of growth pass and it is critical to understand the future of the organizations and make decisions based on information and focus on making sure the efficiency is based on facts.

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