Elissa Koppel

Elissa Koppel comes to MorphWorks after working at the Federal Communications Commission on critical infrastructure cybersecurity. While there, she designed a process to efficiently synthesize filings into a report for leadership on high risk vendors and the Universal Service Fund. Following her work, she was asked to convert her process into a Commission-wide tool for replicating her system across Bureaus.  She completed her master's degree in public affairs with an emphasis in data science at Brown University's Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. While there, she authored the program's first independent study and was nominated for an Outstanding Academic Achievement by a Master's Student for her work on the political and demographic contexts in the passage of extreme risk protection order laws. Her strengths-based leadership, initiative, and technical ability make her an upcoming force in multisector and interagency coordination.


Before her career in public affairs, she worked as a trail builder working in parks in Florida and the District of Columbia. In her free time, she composes multi-instrumental music, explores the woods with her dog, and engages civically in her community.